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5" Colonial

Standard colonial (K-style) profile

This is the most commonly installed gutter due to its classic style and its years of proven strength, durability, and ease of maintanance/repairs.


5” Super 5 Gutter

The Super 5 gutter is deeper than the K-style gutter yet maintains the proven durability and width of the K-style profile but with the ability to hold larger volumes of water. This Fascia style gutter is excellent as it has a classic style with maximum efficiency and ease of maintenance.


Box Gutter and Half Round Profiles

The Box Gutter is a modern look that is unique to Blue Heron Gutters. The Box Gutter is extremely durable and easy to maintain. The exterior hangers add to the aesthetics and can be powder coated to match any colour scheme. Combined with square or round steel downpipe, this is a gutter that will last a lifetime with a unique look that can’t be beat. 

The Half round Gutter is growing in popularity as it is recognized for its durability, ease of maintenance, efficiency and its classic appeal. Comes in powder coated steel, zinc or copper.

Other Accessories

Quality Drains

Aluminum 2 3/4″ outlets are standard with all installations. We use no plastic in our gutter systems.

Fast Flow Funnels

These funnels increase the size of the opening in the gutter allowing for faster drainage as well as allowing leaves/debris to flow through the downpipes rather than being trapped in the gutter. Combined with the leaf collection boxes, these minimize maintenance and lengthen lifespan of gutters.

Leaf Collection Boxes

These boxes are installed near the box of the downpipes in order to collect debris/leaves leaving them clean and clog free.

Leaf Screens

These Aluminum leaf screens are continuous. This system prevents leaves/debris from clogging your gutter system. The Alu-rex T-Rex system provides additional strength to the gutters protecting them from snow/ice damage.

Rain Chains

These rain chains are an excellent alternatives when a downpipe is located in a location that is not ideal. Turn a function into a look that compliments your home.

3" Round or Square Downpipes

These downpipe can come in steel which are much more durable than the standard aluminum. The standoff brackets turn these downpipe into a feature of your home rather than simply function.

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“The job was done professionally, thoroughly, carefully, and with precision. Tristan and his workers were always friendly, approachable, hard working. We highly recommend them for gutter work.”

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President, Townhouses Strata Council

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